The LUBIMAX driveline additives division covers gear oils, transmission fluids and off-highway fluids, covering all on and off road applications. These include:

Automotive Gear Oils

The automotive gear oil additive packages distributed by LUBIMAX meet and exceed most common industry requirements and performance standards, including the API GL-5 classification.

Our flagship product is LUBIMAXTM G336

Automatic Transmission Fluids

Our automatic transmission fluid additives bring improved fuel economy, antishudder friction durability, shear stability, low-temperature fluidity and improved oxidation stability to your product, while meet and surpassing mainstream industry grades such as Ford Mercon (V, LV, etc) and GM Dexron (up to VI)

Heavy-Duty Engine Oils (HDEO)

Lubricants used in “on-highway” and “off-highway” heavy-duty vehicle applications, running on diesel fuel are classified as Heavy Duty Engine Oils. Our fully formulated HDEO additive package comes with complete engine test data.

Passenger Car Engine Oils (PCMO)

Automotive lubricants used in car and light-duty truck engines, and are designed for vehicles that operate using gasoline alternative fuels.

Marine Engine Oils

Lubricants for marine engines running on high sulfur fuels, in harsh operating conditions fit this category.

Motorcycle Engine Oils

Lubricants for motorcycle engine oils do more than lubricate critical engine components. Many motorcycles engines share lubricating fluids with clutch assemblies and gears.


LUBIMAX has a wide range of additive packages, optimised for the formulation of hydraulic, industrial gear, grease and metalworking lubricants. As with all of our products, these products are backed by extensive testing to optimize results and meet all industry standard performance specifications.